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    341/5000 remove the prohibition to do HAGANE the help to new players when they are starting and is an active user of the community to help me when I was just starting in the game missing more players like the one that help the other players I think I already paid for the mistake that he made on my part I say he deserves to be removed from the prohibition
  2. PWPamansher

    implement planting

    I wanted to know if they could implement the seeds since it would help us a lot to people who have little availability of play per day so it would help us a lot when it comes to getting materials since the new ones are difficult because those that take time kill us in the areas of the materials please take into account the seeds thanks I know that many would be grateful if they implement the seeds in the manor manager
  3. PWPamansher

    fish manager

    good to all someone could tell me where is in npc fish manager since I went to many cities and ports and I do not get it would be very helpful if someone tells me thanks
  4. PWPamansher

    clan reputation

    thank you friend but I killed many tyrannosaurs and do not give me points will be a server error?
  5. PWPamansher

    clan reputation

    can someone tell me how I can get reputation points for the clan on this server, thank you very much