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  1. Dude, come on. I know that i shouldnt use 3rd software but i did and i know my mistake. Im not going to use any more cheats on this server, im honest and i will do like i said. Let me play and we will be done in my case.
  2. One month done, So, Can you give me any info whats going on?
  3. Its english secion topic so leave this topic as it is. Its not time for spam in russian language. There is no point to spam like this coz i dont even understand it. One more thing, im not going to translate your craps into russian cos i dont have to> ENGLISH or suk my bam
  4. There is no point to arguing with You because you have no power to decide. PS. You are same racist like 90% of russian community to EU players Ps2. I dont care at all, 80% of this server is playing on bot so deal with it.
  5. U talk about one week when your country mates are unbanned after one-two days. Dont even try to joke... Im playing on this community almost year!
  6. daj unabn!
  7. Come on, detount. Its sad, You are giving unban to your guys whos playing her and botting every day and what about me? Im still w8 and dont talk bull shit about rules because u dont care about it, its the FACT!
  8. In one month of this server will be true end game of interlude Will be exactly the same like was on x2, is it possible to change ur decision, i know my mistake and i dont want say some fals, i think this few days without l2 is enough, what do you think?
  9. Ник игрока: babyJESUS Бан выдан 01.02 Бан - всех аккаунтов + бан по железу (на все сервера) Причина бана - 4.12 (бот) I would like to be unbanned, i know that i shouldnt use 3rd softwares but i was too lazy and too bad for me i get bad and worn for it. Please be pleased and let me play still on your server. I dont want to pay for it, on your last server i spend more than 50 pounds so i hope u will think about me and let me play on ur x20